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To Live a Truer Life

Hopedale, Massachusetts in 1855 is a town unlike any other. Everyone who lives there has promised never to kill, hate, or hurt another human being - not even their worst enemy. There are no rich people and no poor people. Everyone has a job to do, and everyone shares.

This picture book presents the Hopedale Community through the eyes of one if its youngest memebers, eight-year-old Susie Thwing. Her job is to deliver the mail to everyone in Hopedale and sell the special pink Hopedale Penny Post stamps. In this book, young readers can join Susie as she makes her rounds and shows what makes her town so special.

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To Live a Truer Life
Written by Lynn Gordon Hughes
Illustrated by Lindro

Catalog No. BE-03
ISBN 0-9725017-2-X
Publisher: Blackstone Editions
Pages: 32
Binding: Hard cover with dust jacket
Price: $10.00



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